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The Project

Extension and improvement of the secondary school in Whittelsea in the Eastern Cape Province / South Africa.

We want to help the school in Whittelsea to improve the learning environment of the students, so that more children in this poor and rural region can learn there. The proceeds of our campaign will go into the project 200%, because every incoming donation - up to a maximum of 50,000 € - is doubled by the company Dr. Willmar Schwabe.

The Whittelsea Secondary School was founded in 1987 under the terms of the apartheid government first as a primary school. Even after the end of apartheid in 1994, little changed in the rural and disadvantaged region. For many years, the school achieved only mediocre school results. In 2006, Liziwe Ngalo started as a headmaster at the school. The dedicated educator gradually changed the culture at the school so that first the teachers and then the students internalized and lived another learning and working ethic. Meanwhile, the school has earned an excellent reputation and achieved above-average degrees.

More than 85% of the students pass the final examinations and gain better future perspectives. These good results are achieved despite the most difficult learning and living conditions with a lot of discipline and great personal commitment - also with additional lessons in the afternoon, on weekends and during the holidays. The school was originally designed for about 800 students. There are now more than 1,400 students enrolled so that the classrooms are overcrowded and teachers often have to improvise. Since the school receives very little state subsidies and the poorer students often cannot pay the school fees, the necessary extensions could not be funded so far.

Requirements: In addition to new classrooms, new sanitary and sports facilities are to be built. Also missing are books, science materials, computers and sports equipment.

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Of course there is also the possibility to donate directly for Scout projects for early childhood development. This donation will also be doubled by the company Sr. Willmar Schwabe up to a total amount of €50,000!
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Republic in Africa – independent since 1931
Capital: Pretoria
Area: 1.219.912 km²
Inhabitants: 57.42 Million (2018)
Population density: 42 Inhabitants per km²
Population growth: 0,99% per Year (2013, Weltbank)
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The Team

Liziwe Ngalo

Liziwe Ngalo, since 2006 Headmaster of Whittelsea Secondary School. He demands dedication, discipline, sincerity and respect from his teachers and students. Thus, the school has achieved above-average results for several years. He is gentle but also strict and clear on what he wants to achieve. Together with the team of teachers and learners he achieves his goals. He has developed a clear vision for the further development and has not waited for the government or others to implement. He has taken initiative to improve the school with the limited resources and the cooperation of the community. But the money is missing for the big challenges. The state has limited resources and needs to divide resources among many schools. With the Africa Run we want to promote the initiative of the dedicated teachers and students of the Whittelsea School and to implement this project together in the home province of Nelson Mandela. In addition to the construction of additional classrooms, the purchase of teaching materials and the renovation of some parts of the building

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Madiba, as he is respectfully called, is like no other man and statesman for peace and reconciliation. Despite 27 years of imprisonment, he shook hands with the hitherto ruling white minority and ensured the return of South Africa to the world community. In his spirit we want to work for better educational opportunities and give the youth of his home province Eastern Cape better educational opportunities. An important leitmotiv of his time as President of South Africa is:

Education is the most powerful weapon that u can use to change the world.


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